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Energy Watch Group Newsletter – November 2019

Dear Colleagues and Friends,

This month, 11,000 scientists from all around the world warned in a joint statement that we are facing an “untold suffering due to the climate crisis” unless we don’t radically change the way we live. The crisis is huge; therefore, we need change that is fast, effective and profound.

We need solutions that do justice to the scale of the problems we are facing. No more tiny changes that hardly improve anything (if at all!) but above all waste our time and energy. This month we feature, inter alia, stories on the European Investment Bank and a number of climate litigation cases to prove that it doesn’t take so much to make a great impact. We are also talking about the biggest disappointment this month – the release of the new World Energy Outlook – and what we can do about it.Grüne Wiese

Be part of the change we need, spread positive stories – our November Newsletter will help you with that – and don’t forget to join the next global climate strike on November 29 to increase awareness and pressure – it seems we cannot get enough of it!

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