“Hinkley Pointless” |  World’s Dumbest Policy | 100% RE in Finland & Sub-Saharan Africa – September 2016

Energy Watch Group Newsletter – September 2016

The UK government has approved “Hinkley Pointless” (tribute to the Economist). By the time the nuclear plant is built, it will leave British taxpayers in “financial disaster” and produce outrageously expensive energy. Read more in a take by the EWG President. The good news is: Stuttgart, Sydney and the Queensland University of Technology have joint the ever growing fossil fuel divestment movement. Some journalists have done a good job too. We approve of the FT, which said plainly that the financial consequences of climate change can no longer be ignored, and of Bloomberg, which finally called the world’s dumbest policy (fossil fuel subsidies) “the world’s dumbest policy”. Unfortunately, politicians (i.a. G20, the German government and the EU) are still doing poor homework. These news as well as new studies on 100% renewables in Finland and Sub-Saharan Africa in our latest newsletter.

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