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Energy Watch Group Newsletter – October 2019

Dear Colleagues and Friends,

At the beginning of this October, Extinction Rebellion took over streets, squares and junctions in about 60 cities around the globe. The month was, once again, marked by protests for more ambitious climate policies.

Lately, we saw several reasons for climate protests to continue: The EU Environment Ministers did not decide on whether to update the EU 2030 emission reduction targets, leaving a back door open for an “update” that does not even include increased mitigation efforts. In Germany, the government adopted its Climate Action Strategy and while it is being sold as a great step forward, it should rather be considered as a backdrop. But it is not only Germany or the EU that lag behind, actually more than half of the signees of the Paris Agreement are not planning to update their currently insufficient mitigation efforts, as new UNDP & UNFCCC research shows.

As long as governments and politicians are not eager to implement policies that are ambitious enough, news of protests will – hopefully – continue to be our faithful companion. And as long as we have not reached 100% renewable energy worldwide, the Energy Watch Group will continue to speak up and provide research and insights on how to best get there in time.

It is more important than ever to stay active, stay involved and stay informed – our October Newsletter will help you with that!

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