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In light of the pandemic, wars and the raging climate crisis, a feeling of powerlessness quickly gains the upper hand. How can we not lose our bearings and optimism in the midst of these complex global crises, but take action for the social-ecological transformation as courageous future creators instead?

In our new webinar series “Compass out of the Crises“, we will find answers together.

How can we meet the challenges of our time emotionally, intellectually and practically? In the first episode, sustainable film director Johanna Jaurich, film producer Carl-A. Fechner and climate protection pioneer Hans-Josef Fell provide a compass in times of crisis and show how we can move from a state of feeling to knowing and acting. What does the new world look like? And what can be done now, concretely?

You can re-watch the first episode here on our Youtube channel.

In the second episode, we focus on the conversion to 100% renewable energies, a field of action and policy that plays a particularly elementary role in overcoming the complex crises of our time: Fossil fuels are responsible for two-thirds of global greenhouse gas emissions. This makes them not only the main driver of climate change, but also an enormous risk to human health. At the same time, Putin’s war in Ukraine brutally illustrates the fatal geopolitical consequences of our fossil dependence.

In this webinar, energy economist Prof. Dr. Claudia Kemfert and climate protection pioneer Hans-Josef Fell will clear the jungle of energy policy laws and provide an overview: Are political actors aware of the urgency of expanding renewables by now? Where do we really stand on the path to a clean energy supply? In addition, Prof. Dr. Kemfert and Hans-Josef Fell explain how each individual can make a contribution to the energy transition and, despite these political failures, remain optimistic that the socio-ecological transformation will succeed.

You can find the second episode here.

Unfortunately, this webinar series is only available in German language.

However, we are already working on an English Webinar. Stay posted via Twitter, LinkedIn and our newsletter.

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