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New webinar series

In light of the pandemic, wars and the climate crisis, a feeling of powerlessness quickly gains the upper hand. How can we    in the midst of these complex global crises nonetheless succeed in taking action for the social-ecological transformation? With our webinar series, we provide a compass.

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On the danger of antiquated energy policy mindsets

Today’s crises show us painfully where our nuclear fossil dependency has led us.  But global leaders are still clinging to these energy sources.

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Renewable Power Remains Cost-Competitive amid Fossil Fuel Crisis

New IRENA report shows almost two-thirds of renewable power added in 2021 had lower costs than the cheapest coal-fired options in G20 countries.

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A remarkable proposal for international security and a sustainable future

Nuclear disarmament is key to global security and to the prevention of the climate collapse. Against the backdrop of the Ukraine War and the roaring energy crisis, Oscar Arias calls for nuclear weapons to be removed from Europe.

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New Short Study on the Relevance of Bioenergy and small Hydropower

Bioenergy and small hydropower are currently under enormous political pressure and partially even threatened in their existence. Yet they already generate energy amounting up to 51% of Russia’s energy supplies and their potential is far from exhausted.

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