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Historical decision based on EWG study: Brandenburg Greens target 100% renewable energy by 2030

For the first time ever, a party with governmental responsibility decides to aim for 100% renewable energies by 2030.

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Guest Article on the EU taxonomy

On the surface the current debate on the EU taxonomy is about private investments and greenwashing. But the nuclear lobbyists are interested in something else”, argues EWG network member Dr. Rudolf Rechsteiner.

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Statement on the revision of Switzerland’s Energy Act

The draft presented by Switzerland’s Federal Council is neither compatible with the Paris Climate Agreement, nor does it enable the long overdue nuclear phase-out or energy independence from from autocratic states such as Russia.

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New article for Energy Post

In this article, Hans-Josef Fell analyzes why the current geopolitical upheavals in Ukraine are also the result of the EU’s dependence on fossil fuels.

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We are hiring: Personal Assistant

EWG is looking for a Personal Assistant focused on climate and energy policy.

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