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With summer arriving in the northern hemisphere, it is time for our quarterly update on our recent activities and the most important developments in the energy sector.

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February Newsletter

Annual Report | Recent Studies | Doomsday Glacier | The Concept of “Net Zero”



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Summer Newsletter: How To Get to NetZero in 15 Years, Methane Emissions in Siberia, 100RE Pathways & more

Read Full Newsletter  Preview: Dear Colleagues and Friends, It’s been a while since you heard from us, but now we’re back: We probably don’t need to remind you of the destructing extreme weather events that have occurred ...
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European Fossil Gas Manifesto | Sustainable Megacities | Green Ammonia

Read Full Newsletter  Preview: Dear Colleagues and Friends, The month of June is over and summer has arrived in the northern hemisphere. Above all else this means that various places in the world face renewed heat waves, demonstrating yet again that climate change is well under ...
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100% Renewable Energy for Germany | Climate Activism | (No) Future for Coal

In the last week of May we published our latest study about a potential path for Germany to reach 100% renewable energies until 2030.
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