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Technology to Transform the Energy Sector | 100% Renewables in East Asia and Europe | Ukraine as Role Model for Germany? – February 2017

Energy Watch Group Newsletter - February 2017 As global energy transition gathers pace, innovative technology can further disrupt and transform the energy sector much faster than the most of business-as-usual scenarios predict. Two major reports by ...
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The Irreversible Momentum of Renewables as Climate Action | Divestment Pressure Rise – January 2017

Energy Watch Group Newsletter - January 2017 The production of energy from renewable sources is breaking records all over the globe. In 2016, Costa Rica ran 250 days solely on renewable energy. Over Christmas, wind power ...
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IEA’s Remarkable Camouflage | Climate Action, Renewables & Divestment on the March Despite Trump – December 2016

Energy Watch Group Newsletter - December 2016 2016 has seen progress in new commitments across the world to act on climate change. But it has also reminded us that the world is becoming more complex. In Germany, “post-truth” was ...
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Germany Falls Behind on Climate Targets | IEA Lowballs Renewables | Offshore Wind Booms – November 2016

Energy Watch Group Newsletter - November 2016 The Paris Climate Agreement came into force on November, 4 – three years earlier than planned. Now it is time to deliver and the Energy Watch Group has ...
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EA to Lift its Solar & Wind Projections | Blow on Coal | 100% Renewables in India & Ukraine – October 2016

Energy Watch Group Newsletter - October 2016 We have won! Following our extensive critique last year, the International Energy Agency (IEA) will finally raise its projections for solar PV and wind in its forthcoming 2017 World Energy Outlook. In ...
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