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Brexit and EU Nuclear Energy | Divestment Newcomers | 100% Renewables in MENA – June 2016

Energy Watch Group Newsletter - June 2016 With the dust settling down after the shock UK vote on the EU membership, dozens of tough questions arise over climate and energy prospects on the continent. The good news is: Brexit ...
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Renewables Hit Record High | Twilight of Big Oil | G7 Invests Billions in Coal – May 2016

Energy Watch Group Newsletter - May 2016 More investment, more installed capacity, more jobs – 2015 was a record year for renewables, according to the latest REN21 and IRENA reports. Europe has lost its position as renewable energy leader, ...
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Climate Risk Hits Investors, Oil Giants Need To Downsize, EU Climate Ambition – April 2016

Energy Watch Group Newsletter - April 2016 It has been a grim decade for oil investors, writes the Economist. The first-quater results released by the major oil companies prove the industry is in the “worst peacetime crisis”. Two new reports strongly warn ...
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New Records in Renewables, The Fall of Coal, Post-Oil Era in Saudi Arabia – March 2016

Energy Watch Group Newsletter - March 2016 2015 was a record year for renewables as worldwide investments in clean energy outpaced gas and coal by 2:1. For the first time, developing and emerging countries, most ...
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New Findings on Fracking | Germany’s Climate Action | Coal Peak in China? – February 2016

Energy Watch Group Newsletter - February 2016 2016 may become the peak coal year in China as the world’s largest coal consumer is closing down some 1,000 coal mines this year, analysts say. Germany has ...
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