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COP25, just Another Failure | Europe’s Green Deal: A Big Shot? | On Fossil Lobbying & Greenwashing

Energy Watch Group Newsletter - December 2019 Dear Colleagues and Friends, 2019 is close to being over, so this is our last newsletter of the year. For us, this has been a challenging but very ...
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World Energy Outlook 2019 | Will EVs Save the Transport Sector? | Renewables to Take Over Coal Countries

Energy Watch Group Newsletter - November 2019 Dear Colleagues and Friends, This month, 11,000 scientists from all around the world warned in a joint statement that we are facing an “untold suffering due to the ...
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International Rebellion | European Green Deal & Natural Gas | IMF Fears Stranded Assets

Energy Watch Group Newsletter - October 2019 Dear Colleagues and Friends, At the beginning of this October, Extinction Rebellion took over streets, squares and junctions in about 60 cities around the globe. The month was, once again, marked ...
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Natural Gas More Climate Intensive than Coal & Oil | Expansion of Renewables | Global Climate Strikes | September 2019

Energy Watch Group Newsletter - September 2019 Dear Colleagues and Friends, The EWG’s newsletter is back from summer break, reenergized and fueled with the most interesting news around the global energy transition, latest scientific findings and ...
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EU Falls Short on Energy Transition | People Take Climate Action | Who Reigns after King Coal? – July 2019

Energy Watch Group Newsletter - July 2019 Dear Colleagues and Friends, Discussions about global warming and its manifold devastating impacts have been dominating the international media landscape all along this summer - also this month, is on track to become ...
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