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Oil Supply Set to Crash | Renewables Cheaper Than Fossil Fuels | IEA Comes Up Short on Climate (Again) – November 2018

Energy Watch Group Newsletter - November 2018 Dear Colleagues and Friends, The biggest news of the month is deeply hidden within the newly released World Energy Outlook of the International Energy Agency: Global oil supply is going ...
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Air Pollution: ‘New Tobacco’ | Germany: Climate Brakeman? | Climate Litigation on the Rise – October 2018

Energy Watch Group Newsletter - October 2018 Dear Colleagues and Friends, The simple act of breathing is killing seven million people a year and harming billions more, the World Health Organization warns in the run up to its ...
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Fossil Fuel Peak in the 2020s | New 100% Renewables Pledges | Nuclear Power Declines | Divestment Funds Rise – September 2018

Energy Watch Group Newsletter - September 2018 Dear Colleagues and Friends, In the wake of the California Summit, many new actors have made their pledges on climate action. New studies and figures confirm that the fossil fuel ...
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Wind & Solar Reach 1TW | Germany’s Climate Goals Still Within Reach | Renewable Electricity in G20 – August 2018

Energy Watch Group Newsletter - August 2018 Dear Colleagues and Friends, As the German government officially admitted that it is likely to miss its climate targets, two recent studies show that the former climate leader can still ...
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Renewables for Peace | Fossil Fuels Squeezed | EU Climate Diplomacy | Reinsurers Step Up – July 2018

Energy Watch Group Newsletter - July 2018 Dear Colleagues and Friends, Renewable energy sources are not only the best solution for economic reasons and energy security, but also because they are prerequisite for a peaceful and sustainable planet Earth. ...
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