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Green Economy Saves Billions | Carbon Bubble | Climate Justice | Fossil Fuel Subsidies Exposed – June 2018

Energy Watch Group Newsletter - June 2018 Dear Colleagues and Friends, June has brought a number of encouraging updates. Renewable energy in the global electricity sector has been booming in 2017, but swift progress is needed in heating, ...
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Renewables vs. Nuclear | Latest Blows to Coal & Oil | Costa Rica, Hawaii, Balearics to Break Fossil Free – May 2018

Energy Watch Group Newsletter - May 2018 May is bringing a lot of good news on progress in renewable energy and blows to the coal and oil industry. Costa Rica is about to make history as the first country in the ...
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European Nuclear Disaster | IEA Misguides Governments | Wind & Solar Outpace Nuclear & Fossil Fuels – April 2018

Energy Watch Group Newsletter - April 2018 New European nuclear reactors, once proclaimed as a new impetus for the renaissance of the European nuclear industry, proved to be a financial disaster. Read a comprehensive brief by the Energy Watch ...
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Renewable Cities | Green Shipping | Diesel Ban | Fracking’ Severe Risks – March 2018

Energy Watch Group Newsletter - March 2018 If you haven't done it yet, take your money and invest in renewable projects - even oil companies have finally started admitting that green investments are outperforming old dirty oil ...
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Divestment Goes Mainstream | Wind Beats Records in Europe | Coal on the Way Out – February 2018

Energy Watch Group Newsletter - February 2018 In case you missed one of the breaking recent scientific findings: our joint study with the Lappeenranta University of Technology has proved that 100% renewable electricity worldwide is technically feasible and ...
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