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War on Oil Industry | Renewables Beat Records | Europe Divided on Coal – January 2018

Energy Watch Group Newsletter - January 2018 In a very significant move New York City is divesting its pension funds from fossil fuels and taking the major oil companies to court over their impact on climate change. Renewables, especially wind, have broken ...
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Global Shift Away from Fossil Fuels | IEA Gets Its Projections Wrong, Again! | All Coal-Power Plants in Europe Loss-Making by 2030 – November 2017

Energy Watch Group Newsletter - November 2017 You are reading our last newsletter before Christmas and our transition into the new year. 2017 has seen progress in new commitments across the world to act on climate change. We ...
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100% Renewable Electricity Worldwide | IRENA: Feed-in-Tariff vs. Tenders | Global Anti-Coal Alliance – October 2017

Energy Watch Group Newsletter - October 2017 It is our great pleasure to present our new breakthrough study together with Lappeenranta University of Technology on a global electricity system, fully based on renewable energy. This ...
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IEA Still Sells Renewables Short | Fossil Fuel Subsidies in EU & US | Tenders Hinder Energy Transition – September 2017

Energy Watch Group Newsletter - September 2017 We are glad to see that the International Energy Agency (IEA) has finally lifted its projections in the latest Renewables report. Yet, the IEA keeps selling the rapid growth ...
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Accelerating Transition to 100% Renewables | Coal & Nuclear Outcompeted | Peak Oil and Peak Gas – August 2017

Energy Watch Group Newsletter - August 2017 As prices for renewables keep falling, the global transition to 100% will happen faster than many think. To accelerate the process, we need innovative policy measures, writes EWG ...
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