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Press Coverage of EWG in mid-May August 2017

Hans-Josef Fell, Präsident der Energy Watch Group und Mitautor des EEG Gesetztes, wird in der Deutschen Welle zu seiner Einschätzung zur Lage der deutschen Solarindustrie gefragt. Fell sieht diese sie gut aufgestellt und rechnet mit einem starken Ausbau der Erzeugungskapazitäten ...
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Banks, Governments Finance Fossil Fuels | Coal & Nuclear in Sharp Decline | Renewables Hit the Tipping Point – July 2017

Energy Watch Group Newsletter - July 2017 As banks and governments remain heavily invested in the fossil fuel industry despite the international climate committments, shareholders increasingly start to hold their banks and companies accountable. In Australia, in ...
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Solar Power to Kill Coal | Oil Majors to Lose Trillions | Nuclear Meltdown – June 2017

Energy Watch Group Newsletter - June 2017 Renewable energy capacity worldwide was boosted by a record amount in 2016, as costs of wind and solar PV kept dramatically falling, two latest major energy reports show. Especially ...
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New Oil Low | Stress Test for Coal | Big Business Backs Decarbonization – May 2017

Energy Watch Group Newsletter - May 2017 “Renewables come one way or another. Over the past few years, they have become economically viable despite low oil prices,” says Energy Watch Group President Hans-Josef Fell in his recent Joule interview. “If ...
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Press Coverage of EWG in Jan-Mid May 2017

President of the Energy Watch Group Hans-Josef Fell in his op-ed for The Beam on how the Brexit offers chance to finally put an end to the EURATOM treaty. Anstatt gegen Dumping zu kämpfen, hätte sich Asbeck für ...
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