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Methane Emissions on the Rise | Fossil Bankers | A (not so) Green Recovery

The month of April is already over and next to the latest news on vaccinations and COVID-19 rules, which most of the world is still grappling with,

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The End of Nuclear Energy | #NoECT – a Dangerous Treaty | Zero Emissions for Japan

With the end of March, the year 2021 is entering springtime, at least in Europe. We hope that more daylight and more sunshine

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Climate Neutrality | Companies in Transition | Joint Declaration 100RE

The shortest month of the year also brings our shortest newsletter. Our special February edition solely focuses on the EWG’s achievements.

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The Path to Climate Neutrality by 2050 Misses the Paris Climate Targets

It is widely scientifically recognised that a global temperature increase by more than 2°C threatens to lead to a so called Hothouse Earth scenario in which human civilisation as we know it can no longer exist.

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Climate Adaptation | Gender & the Energy Transition | Solar Revolution in Vietnam

2021 marks the beginning not only of a new year and new decade but hopefully also the beginning of humanity winning the fight against COVID-19.

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