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With summer arriving in the northern hemisphere, it is time for our quarterly update on our recent activities and the most important developments in the energy sector.

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On the defaults of the current energy policy

“Tax reliefs like the recent fuel discount as well as the diversification of oil and natural gas purchases by the German government drive up fossil energy prices as they boost fossil demand”, argues Hans-Josef Fell.

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EWG study accurately predicted today’s decline in uranium mining

In 2006 an EWG study forecasted a decline in uranium mining around 2020. According to the Uranatlas, production has  been declining since 2015. It is very likely that nuclear power plants will run out of uranium much sooner than operators suspect.

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Johanna, what keeps you optimistic that another world is possible?

“What gives me hope these days: Renewable energy is cheaper and easier to get than ever before. Supply chain laws ensure fairer working conditions in global production chains…”

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Historical decision based on EWG study: Brandenburg Greens target 100% renewable energy by 2030

For the first time ever, a party with governmental responsibility decides to aim for 100% renewable energies by 2030.

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