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New Short Analysis on Wind Power

How many wind turbines does Germany need for a full supply of 100% renewable energies?

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New Policy Paper on Bioenergy

Securing The Energy Transition With Local Storage Power Plants And Biomass

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February Newsletter

Annual Report | Recent Studies | Doomsday Glacier | The Concept of “Net Zero”



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Press Conference: 100% Renewables for Berlin-Brandenburg

Our new study “100% Renewables for Berlin-Brandenburg until 2030” will be published in a press conference on Friday, December 10th. On the panel: Bettina Jarasch, Ricarda Budke, Hans-Josef Fell and others.


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New Study: Electricity would already be Cheaper today with a Full Supply of 100% Renewables

The study finds that a full supply of 100% renewables would already be competitive today compared to the current energy system based on coal, natural gas and nuclear.

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