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More Renewables for Less Money in 2016 | Bye Bye Coal and Nuclear – April 2017

Energy Watch Group Newsletter – April 2017 The title “bye-bye coal” does not stem from us or from an environmental organization. It comes from the Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF) analysts. By 2030, it will be ...
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The True Picture of Energiewende | Sins & Losses of Big Oil | China’s Peak Coal | Divestment Ticker – March 2017

Energy Watch Group Newsletter - March 2017 Germany is celebrated internationally as a role model for a successful energy transition. Its role has certainly be instrumental in enabling the worldwide breakthrough of renewables, but in the recent years ...
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India, Iran and Nigeria Can Switch To 100% Renewable Electricity by 2050

New studies show that the fossil fuel dependent countries can switch to fully renewable electricity systems and achieve zero-carbon emissions till 2050. March 17, 2017, Berlin/Lappeenranta – In India, Iran and Nigeria electricity supply fully ...
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Technology to Transform the Energy Sector | 100% Renewables in East Asia and Europe | Ukraine as Role Model for Germany? – February 2017

Energy Watch Group Newsletter - February 2017 As global energy transition gathers pace, innovative technology can further disrupt and transform the energy sector much faster than the most of business-as-usual scenarios predict. Two major reports by ...
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The Irreversible Momentum of Renewables as Climate Action | Divestment Pressure Rise – January 2017

Energy Watch Group Newsletter - January 2017 The production of energy from renewable sources is breaking records all over the globe. In 2016, Costa Rica ran 250 days solely on renewable energy. Over Christmas, wind power ...
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