Urgent rethink required as Germany’s Energy Transition stalls

Urgent rethink required as Germany’s Energy Transition stalls Energy Watch Group says renewables must increase prominence after coming election 15.09.2017, Berlin – With the German election looming later this month, the country is seeing its ambitious ...
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India, Iran and Nigeria Can Switch To 100% Renewable Electricity by 2050

New studies show that the fossil fuel dependent countries can switch to fully renewable electricity systems and achieve zero-carbon emissions till 2050. March 17, 2017, Berlin/Lappeenranta – In India, Iran and Nigeria electricity supply fully ...
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The International Energy Agency undermines global climate protection and energy security in its latest World Energy Outlook

November 30, 2016, Berlin – The International Energy Agency’s call for new investments in fossil fuels, in particular oil and gas, in its latest World Energy Outlook (WEO) undermines the agency’s seemingly positive messages related to ...
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Die Internationale Energieagentur schadet erneut dem Klimaschutz und der globalen Energiesicherheit mit dem jüngsten World Energy Outlook

Im neuen World Energy Outlook untergräbt die Internationale Energieagentur mit ihrer Aufforderung zur vermehrten Investition in Erdöl und Gas ihren eigenen Aufruf zum Klimaschutz. 30 November 2016, Berlin – Die Internationale Energieagentur (IEA) untergräbt in ihrem ...
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New EWG study: Germany falls behind on its climate targets

Zero-carbon economy needed to meet Paris Agreement November 4, 2016, Berlin – Germany’s current climate targets are too weak and fall short of meeting the Paris Climate Agreement. Meanwhile, the German government is on track ...
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