Who we are

Our Vision and Story

We are committed to advancing political action for 100% renewable energy and climate protection worldwide. To this end, we produce scientific analyses and studies, provide political advice to decision-makers and inform the public. Our global, non- partisan network of scientists and parliamentarians provides a strong voice for the transition to 100% renewable energy.

Our Vision

We envision a zero-emissions world where no more greenhouse gases are emitted and atmospheric carbon dioxide is reduced to a climate-protecting level of 350 ppm. This is the only way to reestablish earth’s energy balance and preserve human civilization as we know it. As the fossil energy sector is the biggest contributor to greenhouse gas emissions, the global energy system must be based on 100% renewable energy sources in order to:

protect our climate, environment and health

contribute to peace and conflict resolution

diminish social and economic inequality

promote economic development and prosperity for all

enable all regions of the world to achieve energy independence

Our Story

The Energy Watch Group was founded in 2006 by an international group of parliamentarians under the direction of then-member of the German Parliament Hans-Josef Fell. The idea: Zero-emission technologies and especially the field of renewable energy needed much more political advocacy in order to withstand the political influence of the conventional energy sector. Until today, policies are often shaped by international organizations and governments heavily influenced by the conventional energy industry that profits from the status quo. The powerful fossil and nuclear industry often use science as a tool to serve their own interests, leading to an intentional underestimation of the growth potential of renewable energy and its manifold opportunities for our economy, society and environment.

“Despite the lack of serious action and decades of ignorance we have everything it takes to address these global challenges. It’s all here, well, almost: we have the technologies, the knowledge and resources, we know which policies are needed. What’s lacking is the political commitment. That’s why we need to change the conversation: A transition to a global 100% renewable energy system is no longer a matter of technical feasibility or economic viability, but one of political will.”

Hans-Josef Fell, President & Founder of the Energy Watch Group

The Energy Watch Group connects the political and scientific sphere via designing policy solutions based on a solid scientific foundation and political experience. Only a holistic approach in combination with the political willingness will provide us with the needed solutions: stable, long-term and reliable policy frameworks adapted to regional conditions and environments.

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