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Our Mission and Expertise

Our Mission

As an independent think-and-do-tank, we are committed to change the status quo and open new perspectives, giving a voice to objective science. We are dedicated to change political action towards 100% renewable energy and climate protection. To this end, we produce scientific analyses and studies, provide political advice to decision-makers and inform the public. Our global, non-partisan network of scientists and parliamentarians provides a strong voice for the transition to 100 % renewable energy.

Our Expertise

With our longstanding experience, well-established networks and team of interdisciplinary experts, the EWG is perfectly positioned at the intersection between cutting-edge science and political change. We have a large network of researchers and parliamentarians and maintain partnerships with leading universities and research institutes. The EWG’s work is based on three pillars: Scientific analysis, policy advice and dialogue & public outreach. This is how we can provide fast and effective science-based political advocacy, feed political experiences into the process and thereby shape policy-making towards a zero-emissions world.

Scientific Analysis

Consistent climate and energy policies require cutting-edge, independent and transparent scientific work.

  • Monitoring and evaluation of energy policy developments, scientific analysis of the status quo of energy systems and critical review of external assessments
  • Energy scenario modeling of future energy systems based on 100% renewable energy: Development of roadmaps for countries, regions and municipalities
  • Assessment of climate change impacts, mitigation potentials of carbon sinks and potentials of new green technologies

Policy Advice

We guide decision-makers worldwide in implementing sustainable energy and climate policies.

  • Tailor-made policy recommendations (policy papers & legislative proposals) for the transition to 100% renewable energy at national, regional and municipal levels
  • Close exchange with government representatives, parliamentarians and other policy makers disseminate scientific knowledge, transfer experiences & share best practices
  • Joint projects and campaigns with European and international NGOs, research institutions and other organizations (see our collaborations)

Dialogue & Public Outreach

Close exchange with civil society and media advance political discourse and societal change.

  • Shaping the public discourse through a multi-channel approach: Scientific publications, social media, our monthly newsletter, press articles, events, conference participation and individual discussions
  • Information-sharing on global divestment developments via our own tool:
    Divestment Tracker
  • Strengthening dialogue, coordination and synergies among stakeholders, initiatives and our network to build a strong voice for 100% renewable energy and climate protection
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Annual Report 2021

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